KOYORI is a brand built together by some leading manufacturers from across Japan. It is a brand representing high-quality, sophisticated lifestyle products that embody the distinct sense of Japanese aesthetics.

KOYORI stands for 'twisted paper cords' and is the main material of Mizuhiki, the durable and decorative paper strings traditionally used in Japan for wrapping gifts, especially on festive and ceremonial occasions.

While the simplicity and subtle beauty of Japanese products radiate Japanese aesthetics, these are actually a result of diligence, passion, and devotion of the craftsmen. You can appreciate the perfectionism, commitment, and thoughtfulness that together render every product unique.

By collaborating with contemporary designers from across the globe, we aim to deliver reliable quality furniture and interior accessories that are elegant and have designs transcending borders. Our products are all crafted by using the outstanding Japanese manufacturing technology.

We will continue offering products that would add new value to our everyday lives, and at the same time, showcase the heritage and aesthetics of Japanese craftsmanship to the world.

We hope that you will cherish our products for many years and generations to come, and that using our products will endow your lives with happiness.

About the KOYORI Corporate Identity

The brand identity was formed under the watchful eye of the iconic British product and furniture designer, Jasper Morrison, in the role of Art Directing Advisor also co-designed by Sebastian Fehr.