There are many furniture manufacturers in Japan, but only few of them have been able to establish their brands in overseas markets. Although many manufacturers in Japan have excellent manufacturing capabilities, it is very challenging to expand their products overseas, partially due to the lack of necessary know-how and language skills.

    The KOYORI launch project started in 2019, one year before the pandemic began. The unprecedented outbreak of the pandemic was completely unexpected, and we couldn't help but being concerned about what would happen next. However, on the contrary, the pandemic has fortunately made our preparation period easy to sail through.

    “Embodying the true Japanese Aesthetics”: This is KOYORI's philosophy.

    In Japan, it has always been believed that brilliant beauty is inherently exclusive to truly useful objects, as in, first and foremost, practical products used daily. Products must be functional, reliable, durable to withstand everyday use.

    KOYORI is a brand created for forming an alliance with several leading Japanese furniture manufacturers. We knew that companies that KOYORI would be collaborating with would be traditional Japanese companies with a very long history. That is why we wanted to appoint designers who would be good at creating new things.

    After inviting Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, we started searching for one more designing partner who understood traditional techniques, design structures and approaches, and who was also skilled in transforming them to create new values and designs. The obvious choice was GamFratesi.

    No material is closer to the heart of the people of Japan than wood, and no material is more important to us. Roughly 70% of Japan is covered in forests. These trees--blessed with four distinct seasons--benefit from abundant rain, heavy snow, and sunlight shining down on the mountains and valleys of our land.

    KOYORI debuted in 2022 with 5 different models of chairs, each piece unique and full of character.

    KOYORI's brand identity including the logo, was formed under the watchful eye of the iconic British product and furniture designer, Jasper Morrison, in the role of Art Directing Advisor also co-designed by graphic designer Sebastian Fehr.

    KOYORI's brand name was named after a Japanese word meaning 'twisted paper cords' and is the main material of Mizuhiki, the durable and decorative paper strings traditionally used in Japan for wrapping gifts, especially on festive and ceremonial occasions.
  • Mottoi/Motoyui and Mizuhiki

    In addition to its role as a sealing tool for letters among aristocrats, the Koyori string has developed into two distinct forms: The first is known as "Mottoi/Motoyui", which is a type of Koyori string used to secure the hair of Sumo wrestlers.
  • Mizuhiki and Koyori

    Mizuhiki serves a dual purpose in Japanese tradition: not only does it secure gift wrappings, but it also conveys the emotions of the giver through its intricate knots.