Usurai Table by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec

The charm of the Usurai table lies in its combination of simplicity and exquisite details, supported by a blend of masterful craftsmanship and advanced manufacturing techniques.
Throughout the production process, it was referred to as the "simple table" due to its remarkable qualities of simplicity, versatility, and multifunctionality.

The Usurai table features a distinct tabletop with a beautiful striped pattern achieved thanks to the cross-cut lamination technique. The bespoke plywood for this product is produced at the factory with extensive experience in manufacturing molded plywood furniture. Crafted using an ultramodern cross-cut lamination technique to reveal layers of white beech and oak veneer in an eye-catching striped wood-grain pattern, this beautiful table rethinks molded plywood furniture.

The name "Usurai" which translates to "thin ice" in Japanese, was chosen by the designer, often guided by instinct. It's intriguing to speculate that the thin layers of plywood used in the table's construction might symbolize the delicate nature of ice, drawing a subtle connection between the table and the concept of fragility and elegance embodied by thin ice.

Four legs at the corners support the tabletop, with no extra components beneath the table. The structure is at its simplest, yet craftsmanship is reflected in the appearance and functionality of the products. Moreover, the table offers versatility; it can transform into a conference table by connecting multiple tabletops and adding additional legs. In addition to the currently available sizes, the table's potential for expansion into various other products holds great promise, opening numerous possibilities for diverse applications in contract projects.

USURAI Table designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec. Go to PRODUCT PAGE
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While molded plywood may appear more industrial than solid wood, crafting molded plywood can be viewed as a form of industrial craftsmanship, taking into consideration the sophisticated machining processes it undergoes. Products with craftsmanship reflected in them naturally draw attention. The Usurai table, together with the Kawara Armchair, exemplify this concept.