New Products launched at 3daysofdesign

At the 11th edition of 3daysofdesign held in Copenhagen June 12-14, KOYORI welcomed guests to an immersive installation surrounded by hundreds of Japanese lanterns. Designed by GamFratesi, the space aimed to capture the essence of true Japanese aesthetics in a classical Scandinavian building, seamlessly integrating traditional Japanese crafts with new furniture pieces.
“We wanted to immerse the visitor in a room surrounded by hundreds of Japanese lanterns, which, with their lightness, suggest reflection and calmness,” said GamFratesi.

The new products launched by the two designers blended naturally into the white background created by the lanterns. KOYORI’s newly appointed designer, Michael Anastassiades, introduced a lounge chair and an ottoman.

The Makuri series, consisting of lounge chairs and ottomans available in both wooden and upholstered seats, was inspired by a desire to create an iconic and versatile piece. Anastassiades infused the lounge chair with elements of simplicity, functionality, and geometric elegance.

"We wanted to create an easy chair which is iconic and representative of many different references," Anastassiades explains.
Reflecting on the design process, Anastassiades remarks, "Our approach was to try to do a slightly different typology than the current KOYORI collection. An easy chair that can live in every home, with its level of comfort, perceived comfort, and inviting comfort.”
The new lounge chair offers a unique seating experience, blending comfort with minimalist aesthetics. "My challenge was to make the chair simple, but at the same time it invites you to occupy it. This was my motivation.”

On the third year of collaboration with KOYORI, GamFratesi designed three pieces all in solid wood.
The Miau lounge chair was a natural extension of the acclaimed Miau Armchair, seamlessly expanding the Miau family.
"The introduction of the Miau Lounge Chair was a natural progression for us," says designer, GamFratesi. With its more robust dimensions, inclined seat, and more ample backrest, the Miau Lounge Chair additionally embodies a sense of relaxation and luxury that perfectly complements a living room setting. With its ample size and graceful design, featuring sleek lines that are both precise and graphical, this chair exudes elegance.

The new table series, Kigo, is a tribute to the beauty of organic shapes and the craftsmanship of solid wood. Designed as a sculptural centerpiece for modern living spaces, the tables embody a deep understanding of the inherent qualities of solid wood. Inspired by Noguchi's iconic stone sculptures, GamFratesi have skillfully translated his artistic vision into a stunning piece of furniture crafted from premium wood materials.
"With these tables, we sought to create a piece that is not only functional but also a work of art in its own right," says GamFratesi.
"Drawing inspiration from art and nature, we aimed to capture the essence of both worlds and translate it intoa beautiful and expressive furniture piece.”

Drawing inspiration from the Sori Yanagi Chair, the new stool series reimagines the iconic backrest of that Chair into the seat itself. The result is a remarkably simple yet striking piece of furniture that exudes a modern aesthetic.
"At the heart of the stool is a commitment to simplicity and beauty," says GamFratesi. "We were inspired by the wood bending techniques of the manufacturer and sought to create a stool that celebrates the inherent beauty of this craftsmanship.”
The stool features clean lines and a simple aesthetic, making it a versatile addition to any interior space. Its straight edges lend a modern touch, while the implementation of the manufacturer's existing techniques ensures both quality and durability.

In addition, Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec’s iconic pieces for KOYORI were also presented, fitting perfectly with the color scheme of the installation and providing guests with a comfortable seating experience.