KOYORI’s select manufactures have legacies of outstanding craftsmanship combined with advanced technologies while at the same time respecting and caring for the people, the nature, the environment, and the materials.

The manufactures take pride in inheriting ideas, knowledge, and techniques of their predecessors, and they have the mission of ensuring that the baton is passed on to the next generation.

KOYORI aims to carry forward the legacy of the beauty, creativity, and authenticity of Japanese craftsmanship and also convey it to the international market.

In addition to creating products that last for a long period of time, we ensure that our production and delivery processes are sustainable and help us become the leading brand with a culture of transparency.

To establish carbon footprint transparency, KOYORI will measure the carbon footprint generated by our products and the results will be published on our website.

KOYORI does not intend to just measure and transparently publish the carbon footprint, but we will continually work and take further steps to reduce the carbon footprint across our product life cycle in the near future.

Our carbon footprint is calculated using The 2030 Calculator.